Introducing Athena

Athena is a CISV educational board game created by a selected team of juniors from CISV Norway.  The team behind the game is called The OnBoard Team and consists of three juniors from different Chapters: Rasmus Thaning, Håkon Vislie and Agathe Retterstøl. More info about the team and the facilitators can be found here.

CISV is an organization that constantly tries to be innovative and find new ways to work with peace education. This is how Athena came to be. An important goal for Athena is that it's made by juniors for juniors and that it's made to be played in any social setting. Either at home with the family, at local CISV nights or at big international CISV-events. Another important goal for Athena is that it is educational. What is the point of a CISV activity if it is not educational? The same goes for a CISV board game. Sure, a board game can be fun, but educational content is key. However, integrating educational content into a board game is not a walk in the park. Just think back to playing monopoly, did you learn anything that can be used in a real life setting?

The actual game is played with 8-10 payers and you play on a team: the Owls and the Snakes. As part of these teams the goal is not only for you to win, but make the whole team win. This is done by communicating with your own teammates and deceiving your enemies. However, these different teams have different advantages and disadvantages. The players on the Owl team do not know who is on their team, which makes it difficult to help one another or deceive the other team. The other team, being the Snakes, have the advantage of knowing who is on their team (the Owls do not know who is on the Snake team), thus also who is on the Owl team. They are however, in a minority. If you want to learn more about why being in a minority is a disadvantage or learn more about the game, please visit how to play.