Snakes have arrived!

When working on a board game you face a lot of challenges. Some are expected, like having to fix mechanical issues or content issues. One problem we did not see coming was colour blindness. One in twelve men are in fact affected by some kind of colour blindness! As a lot of our dear gametesters will know, the teams were called the red team and the green team. We had cards corresponding with the team and the team colour, but as you might expect, this proved challenging for players with colour blindness.

The new logo

Therefor we decided that we needed to change the colors to symbols. But what kind of symbols? Alpha & Omega? Pi & Delta? Nah, to common and boring. We went with a halfway finished solution. Since we already have an owl integrated in the game why not introduce another animal to the game? Thus, the Snake was introduced to Athena, and we now have the Owl team and the Snake team. It will take some getting used to, for us creators and for people who have already played the game. If you haven't already noticed, take a closer look at the logo and you'll see a snake there. Our designer Camila did a wonderful job designing the snake, and it looks awesome! Hope you like our change!

The new board

Thats was that for now. Stay tuned for more Athena news!