Testing, testing, testing, and now we are done

You might have guessed or read that making a board game involves a lot of testing. Well, true to the long, I mean short, tradition of board game making in CISV, we have tested a lot. With that  we have learnt a great deal. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when testing something you've made:

  1. Make sure you have planned the testing session well
  2. Have a propper feedback system where the testers can give you proper feedback
  3. Don't freak out if something goes wrong
  4. If the feedback is negative, don't worry! This is the reason why you test!

All of this comes from our short but eventful testing career. Some places we have testes are e.g. norwegian national events like the nation meeting, NJC (national junior camp), NEO (evaluation after summer for all leaders, juniors and staff from Norway). We have also tested our game on an international level, at for instance the Global Conference, which was this summer, and at Sweden's NJBM.

All of these occasions have been different, testing wise. This make sense though, since we change the game between every time, which of course is the propose. One of the first times we tested the game, things  didn't go so well. We hadn't planned very well and our feedback system, well we didn't have that. So things started bad, but as everything else in life, you get better at stuff the more you do it. But still, every time you test, there are things you can't plan for. At the Global Conference for instance, we had too few tables for the testers at the start of the session, and the computer things didn't work perfectly, but overall, it went well.

As I'm thinking about it, this is a nice representation for the whole project. Sometimes things don't work out perfectly, but if you just keep on persevering, things turn out well. Right now we are moving closer and closer to a finished board game, and alas, no more testing. On the bright side, in the near future you can play the game for real!  Hope you are as excited about this as we are!

Stay tuned!