Guest post — Line

It has almost been a year since the idea for this junior project was born, and I am so excited to see how far the group and the project has come! In the beginning it was all just an idea. Something that no one has never done before. An idea of a project by juniors for juniors, resulting in an educational board game.

The whole project began with the group meeting up in Oslo a weekend in February. This meeting was all about the brainstorming, and that is what they did. They used the whole weekend brainstorming on the four different content areas in CISV, Diversity, Human Rights, Sustainable Development and Conflict and Resolution. There was a lot of post its, a lot of ideas and a lot of creativity. After this weekend there was some skyping and some thinking, until it was time to decide on an idea.


We are now in the end of March/beginning of April, and NJC (National junior camp) is held in Bergen. This is where the actual concept of the game was born and tested for the first time using a home made prototype. The concept worked, and the group now had an idea of what they were making. They continued to improve the idea before the next test, Landsmøtet at Hell.

With the feedback they were getting, the game was improving and taking form. They now meet up with Camila Barrera who helped them design the game. They created a few different designs to test and got help to create a super cool logo.They also needed a name for the game, and ended on Athena.

Next test, is the biggest one they are going to get. With a session about mosaic and junior projects at the first ever Global Conference, around a hundered people form all over the world tried out the printed prototype of the board game Athena for the first time.


Small adjustments were made. At Høstmøtet 2015 the game was presented, soon going into production. After almost a year, the group has acomplished their goal of making an educational, inspiaring, cool and fun CISV boardgame!

I did not know the three juniors behind the game, Agathe, Håkon and Rasmus, before the project started. Before meeting up the first time, the group was just consisting of active, enthusiastic and motivated juniors. This project gave them the opportunity to use all of that motivation and enthusiasm, into making something that would motivate and inspire not only other norwegians, but also youth and juniors world wide. They have gained much knowledge and a deeper understanding of CISVs 4 content areas, and they know how to apply the knowledge in creative ways for others to get the same understandig. They have presented the project for many different groups, variating in both size, age and nationality, gaining the confidence to be able to stand in front of a croud, talking about themselves and the project in both norwegian and english. They have become good at coopertaing (and compromising), not only face to face, but also over social media and mail. They have become structured, organized and good at promoting.

This major project started as just a small, cool, fun idea, making a CISV educational boardgame, a project by juniors for juniors. I’m SO proud of what they have accomplished, going from the small idea to the big of a deal the final product actually is. Thank you for all the work you have put into this project, you can be very very VERY proud of yourself!

Line, jr. NJR of Norway