It is more than just a board game

Much like most board games, Athena is fun to play. However, Athena is more than just a board game. It can even be called an educational tool. So why is this? Well, Athena actually has a set of debrief questions linked to the game, further on the experiences one has when playing the game is eye opening.

Athena is connected to the four focus areas of CISV. An example of this is how the players will encounter issues, which they have to solve to win the game. This can be seen as the content area “Conflict and resolution”. So just by playing the game, one might learn something, connected to the focus areas. But combined with the debrief questions the game has, one will learn more. It might seem absurd to debrief a board game. However, the debrief makes one understand the other player’s experiences when playing the game. This will develop further discussion and lead to learning more.

One can also see the board game as a simulation. Much like a simulation done in CISV like “Rich and poor” or “Key of power” the participants may experience strong emotions, making them learn something.  And of course the game will also be a great opportunity for people to get to know new people and cultures which is key in CISV.