What about a cup of coffee?

The working group has people from different countries from all over the world. We have the facilitators (Håkon, Rasmus and I) from Norway. The EVS are from Poland (Johanna) and Italy (Fiooco), and the designer (Camila) from Colombia.

Did you know in Colombia they start drinking coffee when they are infants, while in Europe they are teenagers? This is the kind of knowledge, amongst other, we share with each other while working in a cultural group. In the meantime, Fjocco is making this great food from Italy.

When working in a big group, it can be challenging because of all the different languages spoken. Therefore, you have to think about how to express yourself.

The cool thing about working in a multicultural group is that you learn a lot about other cultures and languages. In the sessions, I wanted to understand how other people think and behave.