The team behind Athena consists of the three members Håkon, Rasmus and Agathe, and two facilitators Johanna and Fiocco. In addition we have Camila who is our designer. Since we all come from different backgrounds, we have different ways of thinking and therefore work well together as a group.


Håkon Vislie

Håkon lives in Oslo and he is a dedicated student. As a multilingual boy, he speaks Norwegian, English, French and Dutch. Håkon is really involved in CISV, now a days he is part of the junior committee in CISV Norway, but he also organizes local minicamps to mention some.


Rasmus Thaning

Even though Rasmus is the youngest in the group, he might be the wisest. After finishing high school, he is determined to start his university degree. Rasmus is Swedish, and moved to Norway 4 years ago. Therefore he is called “svorska”. He's a leader for the minicamps together with Håkon.


Agathe Retterstøl

Agathe comes from Kristiansand, a city located in the southern part of Norway. She works as a carpenter during the day and in the evenings, she's studying science. In her spare time, she is a handball player, but also a coach for a girl team.


Emanuele Fiocco

Emanuele is from Italy but is studying in Sweden. Last year he was one of the EVSer, and his mission was to establish a group for the project. In the beginning of the project he was strict and had intense sessions, but only to get us started. We normally call him Fiocco, which means Flake in Italian!


Joanna Lewandowaska
Johanna is the other EVSer and she is the organized person. She makes sure everything is done before the deadlines. Also she is responsible for fixing transportation to different meetings. This year Johanna is doing her master of law in Poland.


Camila Barrera

Camila is the designer of the game. She moved from Colombia to Stavanger 5 years ago. Due to her previous experiences in CISV, she is not only helping us with the design, but also advising how to debrief and present the game to others.


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